Why "great"?  Why not "grait"?

beat, cheat, eat, feat, heat, meat, neat, seat, treat, wheat など に おいて、ea は /i:/「イー」 の おと に 対応 して いる。


しかし、great の ea は 「エイ」 と 読む。変則的 な つづり で ある。


まよわず 読める ように 書きなおす。同音語 grate と おなじ つづり に ならない よう に "ai" を つかう。


great === grait


この つづり は じっさいに つかわれる こと も ある。


ait, bait, gait, strait, trait, wait など と 韻を ふむ。


What a grait idea!


I'm a grait beleever in regular exercise.


Exercise is grait. I feel like there's a new bounce in my step.


You look grait! Hav you lost weit?


It's grait to hav you home again.


There ar grait challenges that lie before us.


It'll be a grait party. You can look forward to it.


It'd be grait if you could come.


That was a grait catch!


That was a grait dinner.


The grait thing about eating out is that you don't hav to wash dishes.


Who did your nails? They look grait!


What do you consider your graitest acheevement?


They promissed a grait performance, and they didn't disapoint.


I think he's done a grait job so far.


His going will be no grait loss to the company.


The game was going grait until he twisted his knee.


It's always a grait feeling to win a game at home.


The explosion caused a grait deal of damage.


The wether's been grait, and I'm glad of that.


I feel grait this morning!


I can see grait with these glasses.