Why "people"?  Why not "peeple"?

people の o は、はつおん に かんけい が ない。


-eo- を -ee- に してしまったほうが、よむときも かくときも わかりやすいのではないか。


people === peeple


よまない o を はぶいて、"peple" と かく ひと も いるようである。  



Our peeple is a moral peeple.



Most peeple fear spiders more than deth.



If you talk about flower vewing, most peeple will immediately think of cherry blossoms. In autumn, cosmos. On the other hand, if you talk about shallots most peeple will imagine pickles!


For most peeple, playing tennis or going to the gym is a good way to exercise and relax. However, some peeple ar not satisfied with such "boring" sports. They prefer dangerous sports like mountain climbing, scuba diving, or hang gliding.


In Japan, most peeple take a bath everyday to keep our body refresh and to take rest, to relax our muscles. Especially, you can sleep well and comfortably.


Most peeple know what depression means, but I think most peeple don't know what depression feels like. Even patients don't really understand what depression is. It's like walking thru a tunnel with no exit, so I also don't know how to live in this situation.


Most peeple ar familiar with the Songoku who appeared in the television animation, but this caracter was in fact quite ...

Parasites hav long been thaut as awful animals by most peeple.


In the Untied States, for instance, despite tremendous increases in technology, most peeple's wages ar the same as in 1980, and technology can make it possible for all of us to work less of the time on necessary chores, having more leisure, but this result is not inevitable.


The first thing most peeple think of when asked what a Kaimyo (Kai-myo-u) is, is that it is the name given to peeple at the time of their deth for use in their afterlife. However, the true meaning of Kaimyo is the sacred Buddhist name given to a person when one becomes a practitioner of the religion, therefore it is sometimes called their "living name." What a Kaimyo is called and what is required for one to receive a Kaimyo may vary across branches of Buddhism but their general uses and purposes usually ar very similar.


Today most peeple work hard, but hav little real joy. Their bodies hav tired and unhelthy mirumirus.


I think that "Vivo" is an unfamiliar word to most peeple, but I hope that thru this Vivo I can offer you a little bit of help in improoving and coordinating you and your lovely dog's style. Vivo not only offers a good selection of quality items and clothes, but also the concept of "enjoy combination".


Most peeple go to hot springs not so much for cure, recuperation, or convalescence as for the plesure. Whether young or old, male or female, the Japanese love to bathe in hot springs. The city of Beppu, overlooking Beppu Bay in Oita Prefecture, is Japan's largest spa resort.


  Do you say good morning to your nabors every morning? I think most peeple probably say "No". Do you say good morning to your frends or club mates? I think most peeple say "Yes". Why? Why don't you greet your nabors? I think Japanese, especially in Kanto, must greet their nabors more in order to make good relations.


Most peeple use 2 and 3 word phrases in search engines according to OneStat.com October, 2007[OneStat.com]