The "ou" digraf has several different pronunciations.

--- south, southern, soup, should, soul, sought.


The "ea" digraf has several different pronunciations.

--- team, head, great, idea, ocean.


The same is also true for the "ear" trigraf.

--- hear, heard, heart, bear.


They ar undoutedly difficult to lern.  You cannot predict how words sound.

English spelling is needlessly difficult, which is why spelling reform is needed. English orthography shood be easier to read, lern, and use.

However, we don't hav to create anything that is extremely phonetic. Just update the current system of English spelling used by many peeple.



If you type these words into the serch box, you can find them actually used on the Internet.

beuty, bisy, cameleon, canoo, ded, enuff, fether, foto, grait, heven, juce, knite, laff, nite, peple/peeple, posession, psycology/sycology, reddy, reserch, steddy, surounding, tho, thru, treddle, welcom/welcum, yay.